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Why Commercial Artificial Living Wall Coverings?

Designing a business premises goes beyond aesthetics. It involves creating a harmonious atmosphere that stimulates productivity, attracts clientele, and sets the tone for your brand. An Artificial Living Wall does just that. Inspired by nature, these wall coverings invite a sense of calm and relaxation, offering a refreshing deviation from conventional commercial wall treatments.

Our case studies provide insight into the transformative power of these wall coverings. For instance, the Sorrento Valley Custom Living Wall showcases the potential for bringing vibrancy to a previously dull, unutilized space.

Flexible Installation and Design

Artificial Living Walls are flexible in design, allowing for seamless integration into any commercial space. The Michael Stars Storefront case study illustrates how living walls can be tailored to fit a brand’s aesthetic, creating a captivating focal point for customers.

A Green Alternative

Artificial Living Walls present a green, sustainable alternative for commercial decor. Our installations are free from the typical challenges of natural green walls, such as ongoing maintenance, irrigation, and pest control. Instead, they offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution that brings nature indoors without the associated hassle. See how we converted an unpleasant wall into a calm oasis here.

Improving the Customer Experience

A pleasant environment directly influences customer perception and experience. An artificial living wall can transform an unattractive space into an appealing one, as demonstrated in this pool wall transformation case study. With these installations, businesses can create inviting spaces that customers enjoy, ultimately influencing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Commercial Wall Covering Options

We have several popular walls covering options that can be used in buildings, hotels, outlets, offices, or any place you want to enhance, here are a few examples of the various materials we can use for your Artificial living wall. Dont see what you like? Visit Geranium Street for a complete list of our Artificial living wall materials.


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