Why Fire Retardant Artificial Living Walls for Your Business in Los Angeles is So Important in 2023

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Installing an artificial living wall in your Los Angeles business is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of your space in 2023. However, with the abundance of inflammable materials found in most commercial buildings, it’s crucial that any living wall system installed be fire retardant certified. Here’s why fire retardant artificial living walls are so important for LA businesses this year.

Enhanced Fire Safety

Los Angeles is no stranger to the dangers posed by fires. Commercial buildings, in particular, contain many fire risks between furnishings, wiring, and the structures themselves. Artificial living walls traditionally include synthetic foliage attached to flammable foam boards – a potentially hazardous combination.

Opting for a fire retardant artificial living wall from a reputable provider ensures the materials used do not accelerate the spread of flames. Fire retardant treatments like flame-resistant foliage and fire-rated substrate boards provide an added layer of protection. This enhances the safety of employees and customers indoors.

Adherence to LA Fire Codes

The city of Los Angeles enforces strict fire codes designed to contain blaze threats in commercial spaces. All materials used for wall coverings and decorative elements must meet specific flammability standards. An untreated artificial living wall would fail to comply with local fire regulations.

A fire-rated artificial living wall system satisfies these codes, allowing for worry-free installation. The fire rating certifies the entire wall build meets requirements – foliage, backer boards, and adhesives. Your business avoids liability and stays inspection-ready with code-compliant fire retardant walls.

Lower Insurance Costs

A major perk of choosing a fire-resistant artificial living wall is lower insurance premiums. Commercial fire insurance rates hinge largely on the level of fire safety implemented in your business. Fire retardant walls demonstrate your commitment to reducing fire risks.

Insurers may offer discounts or reductions for this proactive approach to fire safety. Less flammable spaces statistically see less fire damage too. So ensuring your new living wall won’t quickly ignite can save your business money.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, a fire-rated artificial living wall gives LA business owners greater peace of mind. You can install an aesthetically pleasing living wall without adding new fire hazards to your space. The fire retardant construction contains ignition risks that traditional living walls do not.

Knowing your wall actively hinders fires, meets codes, and keeps insurance costs in check lets you relax. Your employees and customers also benefit from the added interior fire protection. Prioritize safety and compliance for your 2023 living wall project by choosing fire rated artificial foliage.

Options for Fire Resistant Foliage

When researching fire retardant living walls in Los Angeles, pay attention to the foliage used. The synthetic leaves and plants serve as the main fire risk. There are a few options to ensure the greenery won’t burn easily:

  • Fire-rated Plastic Foliage – Specialized plastic plant shapes can receive treatment to improve fire resistance. The plastic material and pigments are manufactured to be more flame-resistant.
  • Flame Retardant Foliage Spray – Some providers will coat real preserved or silk foliage in a liquid flame retardant spray. This allows more realistic organic shapes while still hindering ignition.
  • Fire-Rated Artificial Foliage – For the best realism and fire safety, look for purpose-made fire-rated artificial foliage. These are designed from scratch with fire hazards in mind.

No matter which fire-resistant artificial foliage you choose, check for certifications. Proper fire testing will determine genuine foliage flammability levels.

Maintenance for Continued Safety

Proper maintenance is essential for artificial living walls to retain their fire resistance and aesthetics over time. A regular cleaning schedule removes dust buildup and keeps foliage looking fresh. Faux plants may also occasionally need reattachment or replacement.

It’s recommended to have a maintenance plan in place when installing living walls, especially in high traffic commercial spaces. Consult your living wall provider’s maintenance guide or inquire about ongoing service and repairs.

Preserving the integrity of your fire rated living wall ensures it upholds safety standards and benefits your Los Angeles business for years to come. With some simple care, your wall will maintain its flame-resistant qualities and visually enhance your space.

Fire Retardant Artificial Living Walls Keep Customers at Ease

Perhaps the greatest benefit of fire rated living walls in Los Angeles is keeping customers at ease. Visitors notice and appreciate safety features like fire resistant greenery and materials. It sets minds at ease knowing the business prioritizes fire protection.

Well-executed interior design also makes a strong impression. An artificial living wall injects natural beauty into any commercial space. Combining gorgeous aesthetics with unquestionable fire safety gives customers confidence in your business.

For restaurants, hotels, stores, and offices wishing to wow clientele, a fire retardant living wall checks all boxes. The eye-catching walls provide an inviting backdrop for patrons in a secure environment.

Complement Emergency Systems

To fully protect occupants, fire rated artificial walls should complement your other emergency systems. Smoke detectors, sprinklers, exit signs, and fire extinguishers all play an important role.

A living wall alone cannot substitute comprehensive fire safety practices. Use it as one component of a layered fire prevention approach. Properly maintained fire resistant construction adds a design-forward element to your existing emergency protections.

Seek Professional LA Living Wall Companies

Because artificial living walls have so many safety considerations, it’s advisable to hire reputable professionals for design and installation. Companies experienced in fire retardant walls for Los Angeles businesses will get the details right.

Top providers properly fire rate all materials in their living wall systems. They can also navigate guidelines, answer questions, and handle maintenance. Leaving it to the experts ensures your commercial space gains a compliant, resilient living wall.

A Smart Investment

Ultimately, the small upfront investment in a fire rated living wall pays dividends through added safety and peace of mind. Los Angeles business owners should consider it a smart, worthwhile investment in their space.

Armed with the facts, it’s clear that fire resistant artificial living walls bring multifaceted benefits compared to traditional combustible walls. They check the boxes for safety, aesthetics, insurance savings, code compliance, and impressing your clientele in 2023. Protect your business and delight visitors by installing fire retardant living foliage this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do fire rated living walls require special maintenance?

A: Fire rated living walls have similar maintenance needs as standard living walls, including dusting, occasional foliage replacement, and integrity checks. Regular upkeep ensures continued fire resistance.

Q: Do I need a permit for a fire rated living wall?

A: If your living wall meets fire codes, no special permits are needed beyond your original building permits. Always check local regulations though, as some areas may have specific living wall guidelines.

Q: Are fire rated living walls more expensive?

A: They may cost more than untreated walls initially, but save money over time through insurance discounts. The small investment boosts safety considerably.

Q: Can fire rated walls go outdoors?

A: Outdoor installation is possible with moisture-resistant backing. Indoor walls have longer lifespans though, so focus first on interior fire safety.

Q: Do fire rated walls require special cleaning?

A: Follow your provider’s cleaning instructions. Generally just regular dusting and vacuuming are needed to maintain the appeal and fire resistance. Avoid harsh chemicals.


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