From Exposed to Enclosed: Transforming Your San Diego Backyard with Artificial Hedge Fence Extensions

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Are you dreaming of a peaceful, secluded oasis right in your own San Diego backyard? One of the most common challenges is achieving adequate privacy from neighboring properties, especially two-story homes with a view over your fence. Luckily, Califauxscapes offers a simple and stunning solution: artificial hedge fence extensions. With these premium faux greenery products, you can easily add height and privacy to your existing fence without costly construction or ongoing maintenance.

The benefits of artificial hedge fence extensions

There are numerous advantages to installing artificial hedge extensions on your San Diego fence:

  • Increases privacy from neighboring yards and upper story windows
  • Seamlessly blends with your existing fence for a natural look
  • Stays lush and green year-round with no water, trimming, or sunlight
  • Non-toxic, fade-resistant, and durable enough to withstand weather and sun
  • Helps block noise, wind, and debris
  • Fully customizable to your desired height and style

With our expertise and top-quality products, creating a private backyard sanctuary has never been easier.

Choosing the right hedge extension

We offer several artificial hedge extension options to suit any fence style and customer preference. One of the most popular choices is Artificial Boxwood 

This versatile hedge is custom-made to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your fence. The dense, realistic foliage creates an impenetrable privacy screen while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Material Dimensions Lead Time
UV Rated Polyethylene Boxwood Made to order based on customer’s specs 2-4 weeks from order to delivery


Determining the right height

Before ordering your artificial hedge extension, it’s important to determine how much additional height you need to achieve your desired level of privacy. our experts recommend considering:

  • The height of your existing fence
  • The height and proximity of neighboring structures
  • Any relevant local building codes or HOA regulations

In most areas, the maximum allowed fence height is 6-8 feet. we can custom-make your hedge extension to the exact dimensions needed to reach your target height without exceeding regulations.

For example, if your current fence is 5 feet tall and you want to increase privacy from a neighbor’s second-story window, adding a 3-foot artificial hedge extension would bring the total height to 8 feet – likely the maximum allowed in your area.

Professional installation services

While artificial hedge extensions are far easier to install than living hedges, achieving a seamless, secure fit does require some skill and experience. That’s why Califauxscapes offers professional installation services to ensure your hedge looks perfect and lasts for years to come.

The process typically involves:

  1. Conducting an on-site consultation to assess your space and privacy needs
  2. Taking precise measurements of your fence line
  3. Selecting the ideal hedge style, height, and density
  4. Custom-building your hedge extension to spec
  5. Securely attaching the hedge to your existing fence using durable fasteners
  6. Arranging the foliage for a full, natural appearance

Our installation crew has the expertise to navigate any challenges, such as uneven ground, curved fence lines, or obstacles like trees or utilities. They’ll work efficiently to minimize disruption to your yard and complete the project to your satisfaction.

Customer success story

One San Diego homeowner recently enlisted Califauxscapes help to increase the privacy of his beautiful new backyard. While he loved his outdoor space, the neighboring property’s second-story windows had a clear view over his 6-foot wood fence.

After an in-person consultation, the team recommended installing a 2-foot artificial boxwood hedge extension on top of the existing fence. This would bring the total height to 8 feet, the maximum allowed by local regulations, and provide the needed privacy from the neighbor’s view.

The crew custom-built the hedge extension to the precise dimensions of the customer’s 30-linear-foot fence line. They then carefully attached the hedge on-site using a combination of sturdy mounting brackets and heavy-duty zip ties. Finally, they arranged the ultra-realistic foliage for a seamless, natural look.

The result was a total transformation of the customer’s backyard into a true private oasis. The artificial boxwood hedge extension blended perfectly with the wooden fence, providing an attractive, uniform appearance while completely blocking sight lines from the neighboring property.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome and looked forward to enjoying his peaceful outdoor space without any privacy concerns. As an added bonus, he would never have to worry about watering, trimming, or replacing the hedge, making it a beautiful, low-maintenance solution for years to come.

Why choose Califauxscapes Street

As an industry leader in artificial greenery, Califauxscapes is committed to helping customers create the outdoor spaces of their dreams. The company offers:

  • Highest quality, ultra-realistic faux hedge products
  • Customization to any style, dimensions, and privacy needs
  • Expert design and installation services
  • Personalized attention and exceptional customer service
  • Manufacturer-direct pricing and nationwide shipping
  • Limited 3-year warranty on all products

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, we have the expertise and selection to exceed your expectations. They’ve helped countless customers throughout San Diego and across the country achieve the perfect balance of privacy and beauty in their outdoor spaces.

Get started on your backyard transformation

Ready to elevate your San Diego backyard privacy with a stunning artificial hedge extension? Browse our catalog of boxwoodlaurel leaf, and custom hedge options to find the perfect style for your space.

Need assistance choosing the right height, density, or installation method? Schedule a consultation with Califauxscapes knowledgeable team. They’ll assess your fence line, listen to your privacy needs and style preferences, and recommend the optimal hedge extension solution.

Don’t let a lack of privacy hold you back from fully enjoying your San Diego backyard. With our artificial hedge extensions, you can create a serene, secluded oasis that looks beautiful and stays lush season after season, with none of the maintenance of a living hedge. Contact us today to start transforming your outdoor space into the private sanctuary you’ve always wanted.