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Artificial Living Walls: The Future of Urban Green Spaces

In the modern age, space comes at a premium. Whether you’re located in the tranquil coastal vibes of San Diego, there’s an ever-increasing need to optimize and beautify every inch of our urban environments. Enter Artificial Living Walls.

Artificial Living Walls, often also referred to as faux living walls, offer the perfect fusion of nature’s aesthetics with the durability and low maintenance of cutting-edge design. These walls bring a touch of greenery to indoor and outdoor spaces without the challenges of irrigation, soil, or seasonal changes. Not only are they a visual treat, but these walls also cater to those who desire an eco-friendly aura without the associated upkeep.

The Versatility of Artificial Privacy Walls

Privacy is a luxury. In the realm of urban development, where every square foot is precious, creating private spaces can be a challenge. This is where Artificial Privacy Walls come into play. Crafted with precision and designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, these walls serve as a protective shield, granting you your much-desired personal space while accentuating the aesthetics of your environment.

Whether it’s for a rooftop in Los Angeles or a backyard in San Diego, artificial privacy walls are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for those in search of both style and substance. These walls not only ensure solitude but also stand as a testament to modern design principles – minimalistic, durable, and evergreen.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges: A Timeless Classic

Among the variety of artificial green solutions, Artificial Boxwood Hedges stand out as a timeless favorite. Their dense, lush appearance combined with their adaptability makes them a preferred choice for many. From serving as boundaries for your home to adorning commercial spaces in San Diego, boxwood hedges are synonymous with elegance and class.

But why opt for the artificial version? Real boxwood hedges demand time, effort, and a green thumb. Their artificial counterparts, on the other hand, promise the same visual appeal without the commitment to maintenance. Plus, the latest fire retardant designs ensure they’re as safe as they are stylish.

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Fire-Resistant Tested Solutions

Our optional artificial FR living Walls are tested according to NFPA 701 Method 2, providing an extra layer of security for your event. This commitment to safety and quality sets Califauxscapes apart, making them the go-to choice for artificial living walls in San Diego.

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Artificial Hedge Wall put up around tennis court at San Francisco Mansion

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Pioneers in Custom Installations of Faux Plant Scapes

In the heart of the drought-stricken Southern California landscape in 2007, a group of dedicated individuals launched Califauxscapes. Initially installing artificial turf, they provided an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solution to the parched scenery. But as the demand for artificial grass skyrocketed, the competition became fierce. Several hundred companies sprang up to meet this demand, and many subsequently folded under the relentless pressure of larger corporations.

The Califauxscapes team, however, discovered a unique niche: the installation of artificial hedges, faux privacy hedges, and artificial living walls. These products offered the ideal combination of visual appeal and practical application, resonating with both residential and commercial clients.

Califauxscapes then brought together a team of experienced designers, draftsmen, welders, and fabricators to optimize and perfect their artificial plant installations. Using the time-tested methodology of trial and error, they refined their techniques, identifying successful strategies and discarding the less effective ones.

Fast-forward to today, Califauxscapes has successfully installed a plethora of privacy hedges, trellises, and faux green walls at commercial buildings and private residences across California and Nevada. Notably, their Artificial Boxwood Hedge installations are a standout product, bringing a touch of perennial green to urban landscapes. Expanding their footprint, Califauxscapes also recently established a field office in Austin, Texas to cater to the thriving market there.

Califauxscapes takes pride in its team of talented designers and fabricators who can tackle any custom installation. These installations are often assembled at their San Diego County shop and then transported to the installation sites. This process ensures swift and seamless construction, minimizing disruption for the client.

The company boasts a long list of satisfied customers, including management companies, architects, landscape designers, and homeowners. They have carried out dozens of custom artificial living wall installations at a variety of locations including hotels, restaurants, luxury apartment buildings, office buildings, and private homes, especially in Los Angeles and San Diego. This extensive portfolio showcases their versatility and commitment to excellence.

Califauxscapes maintains direct access to manufacturers of artificial plant materials worldwide. This strategic connection allows them to secure the best prices and guarantees that their clients receive the highest quality materials.

Artificial plant scapes are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a low-maintenance alternative to natural greenery, providing visual appeal without the upkeep. Califauxscapes has the knowledge and experience to install these solutions efficiently and effectively the first time around.

Califauxscapes is bonded, licensed, and insured, offering you peace of mind along with top-tier service. Their mission is to transform landscapes with high-quality, low-maintenance artificial living walls and hedges. Explore the possibilities with Califauxscapes and let them bring your vision to life.

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